Key industry figures share their insights into our changing times:

  • Changes to Central Government – background to new policies and their impact on our businesses
  • Changes to Local Government – insights into what is happening in Hamilton and the impact on local business, presented by Kelvyn Eglington GM City Growth, Hamilton City Council
  • Changes in the economy – ANZ Economist Phil Borkin on what to expect for the new year
  • Amazon – Amazon will talk about changes made at their business and how it will impact on your business
  • Changes in business practices – including issues such as IT, distribution, customer patterns and employees

The Waikato Business Summit, incorporating the Chartered Accountants ANZ Waikato Regional Conference.

Summit Timetable:

  • 1.30 – Registrations
  • 2.00 – Welcome and housekeeping
  • 2.10 – Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance – changes in government and new opportunities
  • 2.45 – Kelvyn Eglinton, Hamilton City Council – changes and opportunities for businesses in our city
  • 3.15 – Phil Borkin, ANZ Economist- changes in the local and global economy
  • 3.50 – Afternoon Tea
  • 4.15 Jon Kaehne & Tim Dacombe-Bird, Amazon – The Amazon story- how an on line book seller became the largest company in the world
  • 5.00 – Erin Wansbrough, Soda Inc – changes in local small businesses and a showcase of local business
  • 5.30 – Drinks, canapes and entertainment

The Waikato Business Summit follows the morning session of the Chartered Accountants ANZ Waikato region conference.

Theme: Being Human in a changing world – how to thrive in a disruptive workplace.


Join us for a full afternoon of speakers and networking opportunities